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    The PERSON Behind the Brand

    I am William, a graduate in Theoretical and Experimental Psychology who has a true passion for research. To a certain degree, my passion for market research is what brought about the idea for Video Sniper Pro.

    My devotion to studying and analysing patterns in people’s behaviour is one of the reasons I became interested in looking at the digital arena and in particular helping people to grow their channels on YouTube. The technical side of the VSP platform is only one side of the story, the other side is truly personal and it stems from my curiosity to gain insights from empirical data in order to drive progress.

    What ABOUT YOU?

    Even though VSP has a very personal meaning to me, nevertheless it’s all about supporting and growing creators, agencies, brands and individual contributors who form the YouTube community.

    My priorities are to:

    • Bring value for money to my subscribers and non-subscribers. You can find all the must-have SEO tools for YouTube all for one flat price per month without hidden limitations or extra fees. In addition, we offer free blog articles (also in animated audio format) so everybody can learn about ‘How to get more views on Youtube’ from our SEO Experts. I want YOU to succeed and will support you all the way there to the top!
    • Give my customers a voice. My aim is to receive feedback from you, so we can feed forward and improve VSP to offer just the right information required by the community. With our quality blog publications written by experts in SEO and video publishing, you can be sure to always stay abreast of all the industry developments. You will also be able to contribute with your personal experience, testimonials, ask questions and give suggestions.
    • Take the stress out of managing your YouTube channel. With my background in data analytics and psychology, I am able to offer just the right selection of tools and features so the platform can help you auto generate the right keywords, titles, descriptions and tags for improving the reach and attracting the right audiences to your YouTube videos. No more hassle or guesswork, the ‘auto generate’ feature will make sure you are amongst the most popular out there.

    “Focus on creating and we’ll help you grow”